How cold is too cold for riding? I’m not for sure, but today definitely pushed my personal limits, 15 degrees Farenheit, with a “real feel” of -2. Without knowing how the weather folks measure real feel, I think they were right today. The itch to ride had grown pretty severe over the last several days of rain and snow. Today was the first day the sun was shining. I stepped outside a couple of times during the morning just to get an approximation of whether or not I could ride for more than a few minutes before losing an appendage to frost bite. At some point I complained about not being able to ride today, which meant I’d have to find some other form of physical exercise. My wife suggested I do Jillian Michaels “Shred” workout with her. Nothing against Jillian Michaels DVD workout. It looks pretty tough and her body appears to give credibility to her program, but I’m a Motocross rider, and that is how I prefer to workout. As I headed out, my wife said I’d make it 20 minutes. Well, I rode for 30. Long enough to work up a sweat and to lose all feeling in my fingers. What a great day!