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Throttle Therapy, is there really such a thing?

Often I get the question, “What is throttle therapy.” This question has never been raised by someone who rides dirt bikes. They get it because they’ve experience it, even if they are unable to explain it. For newcomers to the sport of motocross, time on a dirt bike is called “throttle therapy” because riding can create feelings of euphoria that may exceed the capabilities of prescription or illegal drugs. Research has shown that physical experiences which are thrilling and physically demanding can re-center human brain chemistry. Motocross helps me regain a sense of self and I feel that my mental faculties are restored for a long after my ride is over. I’m usually ready to re-engage with others after riding. Bessel A. van der Kolk, author of “The Body Keeps the Score” and considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) believes that research has shown that creating certain physical experiences can alter how the brains of a trauma victims respond to stimuli. Through repeat physical experiences, many trauma victims can rediscover the ability to feel alive and to function in the present. Like I tell my wife, riding is not all fun and games, it’s a critical component of my healthy life practices!

Which workout, Shred or MX?


How cold is too cold for riding? I’m not for sure, but today definitely pushed my personal limits, 15 degrees Farenheit, with a “real feel” of -2. Without knowing how the weather folks measure real feel, I think they were right today. The itch to ride had grown pretty severe over the last several days of rain and snow. Today was the first day the sun was shining. I stepped outside a couple of times during the morning just to get an approximation of whether or not I could ride for more than a few minutes before losing an appendage to frost bite. At some point I complained about not being able to ride today, which meant I’d have to find some other form of physical exercise. My wife suggested I do Jillian Michaels “Shred” workout with her. Nothing against Jillian Michaels DVD workout. It looks pretty tough and her body appears to give credibility to her program, but I’m a Motocross rider, and that is how I prefer to workout. As I headed out, my wife said I’d make it 20 minutes. Well, I rode for 30. Long enough to work up a sweat and to lose all feeling in my fingers. What a great day!


VA-NC Supercross Championship

H0117161939-1ere at VetMX, we are thrilled to see that our own Dustin Blankenship won the Virginia-North Carolina Supercross Championship in the 30+BC class. In the meantime, we’ve been preparing for 2016 on two fronts. VetMX is getting ready to put 10 military veterans through a custom motocross training program in 2016. Stay tuned for further information about dates and when we will begin receiving applications. We will also have a strong presence at the upcoming District 13 motocross season in order to support the “Warrior Class” which the AMA is allowing us to pilot for district 13. The Warrior Class will be limited to active U.S. military service members and U.S. military veterans. We are super excited about the impact VetMX will have
for service members and the motocross industry in 2016!